Pruning is the process of trimming a tree or shrub. Carefully and correctly done, pruning can increase its performance.

When felling trees, it is essential to use the right work techniques not only to create a safe working environment but also to increase work efficiency.

The correct name for the moss ball is "tillansia recurvata", and what is more surprising is that it is not actually moss. It is a plant, a member of the family of "bromeliads", it is a gray group and we can find it attached to branches of various trees.

Cleaning the terrain is very important, this is one of the jobs for which a project is started. The purpose of this concept is to remove from the land all the existing garbage, unnecessary bush, or vegetation.

The mistletoe grows on trees and steals nutrients and water from the tree. It is a small, shrub-like plant that sends root-like organs called haustoria to the tree's cambium and hacks the tree's carbohydrates and sources of moisture.

This job involves removing roots, weeds, or debris that are left behind after cleaning the ground or removing trees, plants, or shrubs, which is important to avoid accidents.

It is to remove all the branches that are on the roof of the house or buildings, giving it an approximate distance of 3 to 6 feet in order to avoid the damage that these branches can cause to the roof and to the property, as well as prevent access by rodent animals and annoying insects to the property.

It is to establish a distance of 1 to 3 feet from any structure in order to avoid that the tree or bush damages the surface of the structure and in this way not deal with material damage and access of animals, rodents and insects that can cause unnecessary expense to our economy.

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